We are a group of young enthusiasts with skills and desire for work, looking for the CHANCE to develop their talent and knowledge.

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We use the latest standards for web development; we offer innovative solutions for you, our clients.


We accomplish our tasks on time - timing is a criteria, required by you, and quality is a priority, guaranteed by us.


A complete product can be only the first step in working together - we offer support and regular updates at your disposal.

A bit more...

Good business and professionalism are important, but they are not everything. You can contact us on any occasion (even if there isn't one :))

We are not the first, we won't be the last.
We are not the greatest, but each day we are gettting better and better.

We are not the biggest...

But we can be all this, for YOU!

NOVACORE will be

  • the biggest web company on the Balkans
  • provider of quality and attention to detail
  • talent workshop and home for web enthusiasts
  • cool place, where cool people, do cool stuff
We love our work and we will do everything necessary, to be the right choice.


You can take a look at our projects below

Под Моста

One of the most progressive and popular websites for music, literature, theater and movies.

Or as they describe themselves ...
"Под моста" - away from sight, all hopes remain hidden, that art, as a whole will make us better, truer, enlightened.


Master's degree E-Europe
University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski"

Our next step - a Wordpress website for one of the new and successful master's degree programs by the University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski" - "E-Europa".
With the completion of this project we have achieved two goals. Namely, a healthy dose of comfort and confidence when using Wordpress, and a chance to for a collaboration with one of the faces of the Bulgarian media as a science - prof. Nelly Ognyanova, head of the program.


Household goods - "Абверт ООД"

Another project, this time using a completely custom, designed by us, Wordpress theme - another step forward.
At the same time - an opportunity to work with a friendly and hardworking family - owners of a successful business for import and distribution of all kinds of home and household products.



First steps in the programming world for а new teammate from our team 😊 . Small static website (HTML, CSS, Google Maps API), made for favourite clients and our good friends. We are happy to know that with this project two goals were achieved simultaneously – with hard work and constant efforts one new potential WEB programmer learned his first professional lessons. On the other hand – а successful business model was presented online. What’s next from now on – we will see 😊.



When we present our websites we often talk about “steps” of improvement. Well, it seems that we have our first “jump” here 😊. It’s not so easy to step in the boundless lands of PHP and all its subtleties, but it’s a fact now – we took the opportunity to support and develop a PHP-based website and started slowly and carefully upgrading the project and our knowledge base at the same time.
When it comes to the client: we are glad to have the chance to work with a person, ready to support the bulgarian street fitness culture and the bulgarian sport in general, but maybe it’s better just to quote himself: “Streetfit.bg is the first bulgarian street fitness website, created entirely for all bulgarian fans and athletes, loving this sport”.



The first of all three Wordpress based websites under the iMediaGroup hat - an online media with ambitions for high quality, standard and it's own style. FRIDA aims to be a focal point of everything a modern woman needs - beauty, stylish wardrobe, culture, carrier, esoterics and many more. Or, as they define themselves: "The blog of the lively, dynamic, a bit breathless and... merry woman, who can see the world with wisdom and a smile, with self-esteem no subdued woman stances."



The second piece of the iMediaGroup puzzle. Here we can find everything a traveller needs — to get their next adventure ready or live one in their own mind — be it exploratory, culinary or a cultural one... And a pleasure for us to mark yet another successful Wordpress website.



And last, but not least - again from iMediagroup. SOUNDTRACK does plunge us in the world of music, cinema, sports and technology. And if you can't immediately find the tie between the said four - you need to but open the site and find it easily. And, for us, that's the third in a row Wordpress website, that makes us pruposfuly stride to more of the same.



Next in the line of Wordpress sites, this one developed with а builder for а faster turn-around. This project is the first one we developed together with our new partners in crime, hoping it's the first of many. It's worth mentioning that's our first London based client, which we're especially proud of.



Our next in line of Wordpress websites. This time, it's for a small family company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, founded in 2001 and in the market of trade and making of metalworks.



A new Wordpress site, where our team lent a hand at the development. The clients are classic enthusiasts, who made their hobby into proffession. Here's what they say about themselves: "Quickest way to fall in love with wine is to visit it. That's what we did.



Another Wordpress project created by our team. Something special here - our first (and successful) touch with the Speedy plugin. And here's how the client introduces his business: "Powerful tools at the next level."



A portfolio website for a Radomir based restaurant called "The Fig Trees". We have taken advantage of the delicios cuisine there not once or twice, and we always leave full of content. That's what we hope the owner of the restaurant feels when they look at their new website!

As a base for the website, we've got Wordpress again, but this time with a completely custom-built theme - we programmed everything from scartch and didn't use nor one ready element.
If this resonates with you and your bussiness, your website might be just a call away :)



A couple of lines about one of our most ambitions and positive clients so far - Certsee. They are а close knit and enthusiastic team hailing from Ireland. We help them transfer ideas to reality - we developed for them a platform, whose point is to aid the Irish citizens, by letting them download or publish certain certificates and request forms that are often required by officials and the government.

The certificates platform that we developed is based on HTML, SASS, JS and Symfony - the PHP framework famous for its stability, speed and complexity.

As you know the old saying - a friend in need is a friend indeed - we help our client in the everyday administration and developing new functionalities for the platform. We believe that a project doesn't finish at the client sign-off.
We hope for a long and fruitful bussines relationship with the Certsee team.



Here we've got a not-so-standard project - a client asked us if we can connect their Wordpress website (for real estate properties) wth a system that acts as a database for properties. The connection between the two is done via an API provided by the external system that we feed the properties from.
Enthused from the project, we developed a Wordpress plugin, that activates each day and fills in all the new properties into our client's website. Our client doesn't even have to lift a finger for all the work to be done for them, saving them hours of manual entering of properties.
And what about you? Do you want to do some automations and get rid of hours of manual work? Why not call us, so we can work together and think about it?



The biggest hackathon organized in Bulgaria. We helped the organizers' team by developting the website for the initiative. Just for a couple of days the idea became one of the most successfull national hackathons, getting more than 850 participants, who submitted 111 unique ideas for solving the COVID-19 crisis in Bulgaria.

To make this website happen for the short timeline we had, we had to rely on good old flexible Wordpress and all the plugins that we can use to extend it. In the same time, we put in a lot of hard work and effort to develop functionality that would allow for people to enter the hackathon and submit an idea. We also worked with a web designer to ensure a great visual design that would reflect the enthusiasm and determination of the organizers.


The new addition to our portfolio – a popular site for football tickets sale. It’s a big and complex system, written in Laravel (the PHP library).

Our team is taking on the technical support and the development of new features. We hope that we that we give our due to the upward grow of the website 😊



Our new friends from Dreamix sought us out to help them with the programming of a marketing website about the biggest online Java Conference for developers. Of course, organised by them!

Because of the hard deadline, we used the well-worn Wordpress again, and it didn’t disappoint. We’re ready for the next big thing from Dreamix, wishing them all the best in the meantime.



It's only one world and there's two of us - Menstrual pads Molped are inspired by stories of girlfriends. And this quote they have chosen themselves to describe what they invest into their product.
What about Novacore here? Yep, we made an online game for them. Users are given the chance to register their receipt and win something out of a multitude of rewards and a single big prize.
Technically speaking - this was a hand-crafted and developed mini-game, done in PHP & Wordpress, tailored to the client's requirements and a custom design.
It felt good doing it - we worked in tandem, the mood was high and energetic, the result was more than satisfactory.



If fishing is a hobby you love, then we’ve done something especially for you.

We developed an e-commerce store for fishing accessories. The purpose of the store – to provide well written and structured information about fishing, as well as quality products, and achieve maximum pleasure while you do what you love. And our purpose – to present a better website, story and viewpoint on the topic.


An urgent request from one of our well-known clients. We had to meet a very tight deadline, and get the website ready for a meeting with investors.

Not to brag about it – but we did job in just in time and our client’s meeting with the investors went smoothly.

We used a ready-made Wordpress theme but customized it heavily to achieve authenticity. The result is clear – a happy client and their business opportunity - well met.

If you have an urgent request – we’re a mail or a call away.


Change is life

We present you with a website that was created for the rehabilitation center "Change is life". Our client actively and successfully practices a number of programs for treatment of alcohol, gambling and drug addiction, which are carried out under residential conditions and provides highly structured rehabilitation. Providing help is their calling and they believe that they can make the change possible.

On the technical side - this is another Wordpress project, built on a ready-made theme and upgraded with client requirements.



Another Wordpress project is finished – an online store for masks, disinfectants, gloves, helmets, etc.
This client would introduce himself as follows: „In times like today's Smartmasks.bg offer protection for you, your family or team."
And we would wish them success.


Second elementary school Goce Delchev


Free templates

As we really like to keep busy - we decided to share a part of our work with you. Here you can download our templates - we made them with the idea that they will be put to good use by you. We’re publishing them under MIT license - in plain language - you can use them for both personal and commercial projects.

“Travel blog” template

An appealing page aimed at traveling websites and blogs. But let that not stop you from using it in any context you see fit - we will be glad in every case.

As expected - the template looks good on all three device types - desktop, tablet and smartphone - in other words - it’s responsive and will be equally comfortable for the user in all situations.

The template has been programmed in HTML and clean CSS and JS. We’ve applied the BEM convention when writing the CSS - so it’s tidy. We have also skipped using Bootstrap here - because we like fast pages and more granular control over the page.

Demo Download

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